July 19, 2006

Mariemm3 is confused

After reading her site and liking it, I asked Mariemm3 (0f A Take on the World) to come up with a top ten list, and she chose to look at baffling things. (I told her if I was doing my list, one of the things I don't understand is how someone can have a number at the end of her name, but I digress. Enjoy her list.)


1) Earwax - Everything in the body has a rhyme and reason; I don’t know the reason for earwax.

2) Girl’s and Boy’s bikes – Doesn’t this seem backwards somehow? Girls have the empty space and boys have a bar on their bikes...

3) Brussels Sprouts – do we really need miniature cabbage?

4) Traffic on Interstate Highways without accidents – endless road and cars are at a standstill? I know this a math equation but math has never been a strong suit.

5) The California Real Estate Market – I wanna buy a house on a dirt hill that comes with a view of a house above me and house below me. You say the last mudslide was four years ago? A million dollars? SOLD!!

6) Ravel and Unravel – part of their definitions mean the same thing. Look it up.

7) Cruising for a Spot in the Gym parking Lot – People can’t walk the extra 20 steps by parking a few more feet away? Isn’t the purpose of being at the gym getting an extra amount of exercise?

8) Mosquitoes – do they have a purpose?

9) The white marks that appear on folded black clothes even if they have never been worn. What the..?

10) Bjork.

Marie assures me that NOBODY can do a better job than she at a top ten list, but if you have an idea for one you think might compete, let us know!


Dragon said...

You can't understand Bjork. You just shake your head sadly.

Chelle said...
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Chelle said...

Thank you!

Chelle said...

Thanks Dragon - I never know what to do when I see Bjork!

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